Cohesiveness through style, music, colour and interface: Persona 5

Persona 5’s distinct graphic style permeates all aspects of the game, from its menus to its loading screens.

Author’s note: This article contains a number of GIFs so might take a bit to load, and might be a hit to your data if you’re on a mobile device. Sorry, but they’re really the best way to explain how the game looks in motion!

It was a hot December afternoon in 2008 when I first played Persona 4 on a modified PlayStation 2 in my cousin’s room in the Philippines. The PlayStation had been ‘hacked’ so that it would run bootleg copies of games; a common practice in the country.

I had never played a Persona game before, and I only picked it up because it was reviewing quite well, was an RPG, and I had a lot of free time to kill. It only set me back around 500 pesos ($13.50 AUD) when I picked it up at Green Hills. I had no idea what was in store for me. Continue reading “Cohesiveness through style, music, colour and interface: Persona 5”